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What Makes AARC-EVAC a Great Investment

  • AARC-EVAC’s innovative, feature rich system, will drive Australian and International market demand.
  • Estimated size of the “Total Available Market” (TAM) - AU$30B +
  • Potential, 5 year “Service Obtainable Market” (SOM) – AU$79M+ (0.26%) of TAM leaving significant market opportunity to attract interest from multi-national corporations, operating in the same or similar markets.
  • The sale of AARC Systems within the 5 year outlook period, provides the potential of a significant ROI.

AARC Systems Overview

AARC Systems specialises in the manufacture of the AARC-EVAC, a world class Emergency Alert System with an extended range of unique functions and features.

AARC-EVAC uses a wireless linked autonomous system with sirens and voice instructions. Unique voice instructions are provided as per the customer’s request and in any language.

Alerts include Evacuation, Lockdown, Zoned First Aid Assist and Zoned Duress/OVA Assist, and more, all with sirens and voice instructions.

This system is very affordable, ideal for, retrofitting to existing site.

The AARC-EVAC system is unique, providing an exclusive range of “Risk Management” solutions.

Worker in Gas Leak

The Problems

Inaccessibility to an affordable and adequate solution, for managing the most basic of risks.
No solution for managing, a larger variety of risks, in one system.

Despite their benefits, most of the world’s Emergency Alerts Systems are designed for Fire Evacuations, using sirens only.

Anecdotally, all too often, when a siren sounds in a public place, most people don’t know what it means or what they need to do.

Most other risks are not addressed at all.

There is no affordable solution that includes a fire evacuation alert siren, coupled with voice instruction.

There are no affordable solutions that provide for other emergencies: Lockdown, Zoned Duress/OVA Assist, Zoned First-Aid Assist, Gas Leakage, Bomb Threat, Environmental and Natural Disaster Warnings etc.

Aarc Evac Product Range

The Solution

To Design and build an affordable system, with sirens and voice instructions that can manage a broad range of Risks.

AARC Systems has done just that! It has developed a unique platform, with a large range of innovative functions and features. - Making the Inaccessible, Accessible.

The AARC-EVAC is a fully commercialised, “Market Ready” system, with an already proven market acceptance; it delivers solutions for all the problems outlined above, in an all-in-one system. It uses wireless connectivity and addresses a large range of risks, providing a unique offering with a significant competitive advantage over any other system.

The AARC-EVAC is an affordable system, making it ideal for use in the world’s SME market. The fully autonomous, wireless system can be fitted to new sites and is particularly suited for retrofitting into existing sites, providing it with a massive world market.

The AARC-EVAC system is equipped to deliver sirens with voice notifications or instructions, in any language; they can even be multi-lingual if required.

This feature, in particular, provides it with ready access to markets in any country, regardless of the local language.

Aarc Evac Products


The AARC-EVAC system taps into the huge “Occupational Health & Safety” (OH&S) & “Security” market worldwide, using new proprietary technology

This technology, enables and will enable organisations and SME’s, with the potential to achieve OH&S Risk Management Best Practices.

One of the key features of the AARC system is based on its ability to be customised to meet the exact needs of the customer. AARC has developed a broad range in individual products, all designed to work together, and allow each system to be tailored to the customer requirements. This flexibility of the system design, adds to the functionality and competitiveness of each individual system.

  • The AARC-EVAC, Emergency Alert System is a wireless network of distributed, battery transmitters and standalone autonomous audio broadcast units, with UPS’s.
  • Technology developed, and products manufactured In Australia.
  • The AARC-EVAC is the first to provide an extensive range of emergency alerts, all in one system.
  • These alerts include sirens along with clear and concise voice instructions in any language or multiple languages, as required. All of the alert sirens and voice messages can be customer designated.
Workers in Hard Hats with their Thumbs Up


The development of AARC-EVAC is already starting to provide significant outcomes

  • Improving the speed and effectiveness of evacuations: Evacuations as a result of Fire, Gas Leak, Bomb Threat, etc.
  • Providing emergency alerts for lockdown, in a range of situations however, particularly in schools, due to external threats.
  • Potentially reducing the impact of injuries and medical emergencies.
  • Reducing OVA incidents and their impact.
  • Potentially, saving lives!

AARC-EVAC is an outstanding system with a significant range of unique features and benefit. These will enable AARC Systems to take advantage of the massive and lucrative worldwide OH&S sector and parts of the Security sector, particularly in the SME aftermarket.

All this whilst also providing you with the potential of a very attractive ROI.

World Map

Total Available Market (TAM)

TAM Australia AU$ 0.63B
TAM Canada AU$ 1.20B
TAM South Korea AU$ 1.30B
TAM UK AU$ 2.90B
TAM Japan AU$ 3.40B
TAM Europe AU$ 10.2B
TAM AU$ 30B+

Market penetration will vary from country to country. However, the Australian and International sales, across the five year outlook period, have an estimated.

Service Obtainable Market (SOM)

5 Year targeted - SOM AU$ $79M (0.26% of TAM)
Business Model

The Business Model - Market Strategy

In the Australian market we have a distribution model. We have appointed a non exclusive national distributor in the security market.

We are also working to establish a network of integrators/installers, as AARC Systems authorised agents, in targeted metro areas and major regional areas across Australia.

In the International markets we are looking at a distribution model in most countries.

However, in regards to the USA & Europe, in both cases we may seek a large established OEM manufacturer, with a strong, well-established distribution network, to take the system to their market or respective markets.

Proof of Market

Proof of Market

The AARC-EVAC is a fully commercialised, “Market Ready” system, with an already proven market acceptance.

It can deliver all of the solutions listed above, in an all in one system.
It uses wireless connectivity and addresses a large range of risks.

It provides a unique offering with a significant competitive advantage over any other system, particularly in the world’s largest market, the SME market. The wireless system is ideal for retrofitting into existing sites, providing an affordable solution. This affordability is another key feature that will help to provide AARC with a massive international market.

We already have systems installed across Australia, plus some in Oceania and SE Asia.

Systems sales have been achieved across all of the following vertical markets and all the listed market segments. Nearly all of these segments have multiple systems installed.

Manufacturing / Warehousing / Construction / Mining / Ports

Pre-school / Kindergarten / Primary / Secondary / P-12 / TAFE Colleges

Tourism / Gaming / Function Centres / Marinas / Golf Courses / Aquatic Centres

Local Government - Admin Areas, Depots, Community Facilities

Healthcare & Services
Community Health / Disability Services

The segments listed above only include those with sales to date.
A number of other segments will add significant market potential going forward.

The AARC-EVAC is a great product, Join us now,
We‘re ready to take it to the world!

AARC Systems Logo

AARC Systems Board Includes

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson


Over 40yrs as CEO in electronics manufacturing, services and marketing. Supplying products to both Local & Export markets.

Glenn Howlett

Glenn Howlett


Over 30yrs experience as lead TO on major IT & ITC projects.

Phil Morton

Phil Morton


Over 35yrs of managerial experience in the electronics industry.

In the future AARC Systems also plans to add up to two strategic NED’s and a Company Secretary to the board.

Terms of the Offer

Shares 1,500,000
Price AU $1.00
Subscription AU $1,500,000
Min Parcel Size 2,000
Opening Date 11/07/2022
Closing Date 31/12/2022

* The directors reserve the right to close this offer early without prior notice.

To raise AU$1,500,000 Offering up to 1,500,000 shares at AU$1.00/share. Post-money valuation AU$10,727,000 AARC is an Early Stage Innovation Company (ESIC), so investors can claim a 20% Tax offset & exit CGT free† Investor funds will also be leveraged by accessing, EMDG grants and Commercialisation Grants etc.

† Applies to Australian Investors only and only those meeting the ESIC criteria.

Issued Capital

Existing Shares 9,227,000
Offer Shares 1,500,000

Use of Funds

(Based on a minimum Subscription AU$1,500,000)

Salaries $600,000
Rent (Outgoings) $12,000
Professional Services (Legal etc) $20,000
Communications $4,000
Marketing $50,000
Development of Training Media $30,000
Software $4,000
EU Standards Accreditation Technical Preparation and Management $10,000
CE & UL Standard's Certifications $100,000
Working Capital
(Fund Growth - Stock - Increase in manufacturing capacity)
Offer Costs $80,000
Total Uses $1,500,000

Ownership Structure

This investment is offered by AARC Systems Holding Pty Ltd., a holding entity that has developed and owns all of the AARC Intellectual Property (IP).
This AARC IP is used by AARC Systems Pty Ltd, which is the trading company.
AARC Systems Pty Ltd.is a wholly owned subsidiary of AARC Systems Holding Pty Ltd.

AARC System Holding Pty Ltd (Non Operating Holding Entity). The wholly Owned Subsidiary is AARC Systems Pty ltd (Operates AARC Systems Manufacturing, Marketing & Trading Business)


Being a wireless based system the AARC-EVAC is much more cost effective and affordable in the SME sector, particularly in the retrofit market.

The flexibility, functionality and competitiveness is not matched by any competitor anywhere in the world.

This gives AARC Systems a significant competitive advantage across all market sectors in Australia and Internationally.

Exit Strategy

At an appropriate time, within the outlook period, AARC Systems, leveraging off the company’s success, will seek a trade sale to a suitable multinational company or will consider a Public Listing.

Which ever is assessed to provides investors the best ROI.


  • A Proven “Market Ready” System
  • Risk Management Solutions for a large range of Market Verticals
  • The International Market Potential is Huge - Offering a Significant ROI
  • AARC-EVAC is a unique, scalable “Australian Made” Product
  • AARC Systems is ready to take the AARC-EVAC to the world

If you have any questions or would like more information email: info@aarcsystems.com alternatively, you can call AARC’s CTO/BDM Glenn Howlett or MD/CEO Richard Wilson, on +61 3 5334 2865

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