Potential to Reduce the OH&S-OVA Risks in Healthcare!

Reduce OHS OVA Risks in Healthcare

Discreet Coded Voice Announcements, Calling for Assistance, have the potential to improve OH&S-OVA incident outcomes in the Healthcare Sector!

When it comes to Occupational Violence and Aggression (OVA), in particular, Violence and Aggression in Healthcare, the problem includes physical assault, threats of physical assault, sexual harassment, verbal abuse and more.

This is a worldwide problem, an “Epidemic”, it impacts doctors, nurses and healthcare workers in Emergency Health, General Health, Community Health, Psychiatric Health, Social Counselling Services, Disability Services, and much more. It is a fact, OVA is out of control in the health sector worldwide.

Definition of OH&S

“OH&S is a multidisciplinary field, concerned with the safety, health, and welfare of people at work. Everyone needs to work in harmony with policy and procedures in order for effective protection of people at work.”

I am definitely no expert, however when it comes to OH&S and the area of OVA, particularly in Healthcare, working in harmony with policy and procedures, is not enough, it just doesn’t protect those on the front line.

As I said, I am no expert – My specialty is in Electronics.

So How Did I use My Skills to Help?

A few years ago my company saw a need for a multi-functional Emergency Alert System (EAS).

What we have since developed is a digital wireless based system. This is designed to provide a very cost effective system, ideal for retrofitting to existing buildings and across whole sites. The system’s major feature is its ability to accommodate multiple “Call for Assistance” points, all with their own unique voice message, calling for assistance to that individual location.

Duress Wall Mount Button

The system has small battery operated “Call for Assist” push button transmitters, that can easily be concealed. The voice message can be Coded so as not to enflame the situation. For example “Call for Mrs Black on line Seven” may be code for ”Code Black in Cubical Seven” Prompting immediate peer support to help to diffuse the situation. The “Time to First Response” can be critical in these situations. The system can be used to assist “Front Line, Front of House and other Services staff.

The system can utilise any message content, as required, in any language, even multi-lingual if desired.

My company is AARC Systems and the product is AARC-EVAC. The wireless linked AARC EVAC systems uses advanced technologies. At AARC Systems we have developed a proprietary, highly robust digital wireless, multi-messaging platform to ensure the digital codes reliably get through the system’s network to trigger the receiver message player units. The AARC-EVAC system is fully autonomous; it doesn’t rely on or need any other equipment or system to function.

When installed the system comprises a number of strategically placed “standalone, wireless linked, multi-message player units, each with its own integrated UPS’s power supply, plus the required number of “wireless linked, push button, alarm triggering transmitters”.

“The innovative AARC-EVAC system, designed and manufactured in Australia”

As mentioned earlier, this system uses a multi-channelled Radio-Controlled (RC) Network, this provides the potential to include other functionality within any unique system. You could add coverage for Evacuation, Lockdown, First Aid Assist and other unique alarms. This also has the potentially to spread the system cost by including any of these other functionalities, as may be required.

One System addressing the many different types of Emergency Situations.

"Best Product on Show" PNG Security Congress 2019

The International Award winning AARC-EVAC system is proud to be Australian!

With its Conception, R&D, Commercialization and the Manufacture, all undertaken in Australia, by AARC Systems Pty Ltd, an Australian owned company.


Contact AARC Systems today, to discuss your needs or for more information:

AARC Systems Pty Ltd
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