AARC-EVAC Receiver/Message Player for PA Input

ARX38D Rack Mount Unit for PA Input

The AARC-EVAC™ Wireless Linked Emergency Alert Receiver Message Player Unit for PA Systems outputs standard Evacuation & Alert sirens, “Lock Down”, an Evacuation Drill message plus a number of unique “S.O.S.” assistance zoned messages, when triggered by a wireless linked Remote Transmitter. These master units also have an integrated set of push button switches that can also be used to trigger the alarms, plus an evacuation drill message button. The units also have a Cancel button which is used to cancel all siren and audio messages plus any visual alert beacons deployed in the system.

Note: when operating a P.A. based system a single evacuation message is applied across the whole system.

The Receiver Message Player Unit for PA Systems connects to the PA system from two audio outputs (RCA Stereo Line Out 500mV) on the rear of the unit.

The AARC-EVAC™ Receiver Message Player Unit for PA Systems requires a PA system with a priority muting system. This will mute other audio playing over the PA system in the event of an emergency, so emergency alert messages and sirens can be heard. PA Systems need to be evaluated prior to installation to ensure compatibility with the AARC-EVAC Receiver/Message Player for PA Input.

It is recommended that an adequate UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system is always employed to run this receiver/message player and the P.A. system. Without a battery backup system in place, your business, school or venue risks failure of your PA system should the mains power fail, or the PA cabling is damaged.
Your installer can assist you in determining the size of the UPS required for your PA system.

Alert Button on Front Panel
Factory Default Setting: ALERT is programmed to play continuously until cancelled.
Alternatively: The unit can be factory set to sound ALERT for a preset time between 1-255 seconds, then if not cancelled the system will automatically switch over to a Full Evacuation.


  • Unit is triggered by wireless signals received from an ATX2 (Hand Held) or ATX3 (Wall Mount) series remote transmitter.
  • The Unit can also be triggered by a wireless signal received from an AARC-EVAC Wireless Signal Repeater Unit.
  • Voice messages can be multilingual
  • A wireless “Cancel” activation or pressing the front panel “Cancel” button will stop any active alert and reset the system.
  • When a “Lockdown” is triggered, in addition to the Lockdown message being played, a switched output Aux Out 2 is provided on the rear panel which can be factory configured to activate a Lockdown device (e.g. Door Locking Solenoid or interface to an Access Control System). This is a latching output and will remain active until a system “Cancel” signal is received.
  • It is recommended that a suitable UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) be used in conjunction with this unit and the PA Amplifier.
  • Designed and Manufactured in Australia


Power Supply 240VAC to 12VDC Adaptor
Dimensions 1U Rack Mount Case: 481mm (inc. mounting Brackets) x 215mm x 43mm

Standalone Case (Optional): 431mm x 215mm x 43mm

Antenna TXANT433N AARC EVAC Antenna 4.5dBi with Mounting Bracket, 3.6mtr Coax Cable fitted with SMA male connector
Antenna Length 325mm
Switched Outputs Aux Out 1; Evac Out; Aux Out 2 (factory configurable)
Audio Outputs 2 X RCA Stereo Line Out 500mV
Switched Input Aux Input (factory configurable – provide static or active switching of any channel)


Receiver/Message Player for PA Input incorporating “Lockdown” (ARX38D) Datasheet