AARC EVAC Remote Transmitters

First Aid Hand Held Remote
3 Button Wall Mount Remote
5 Button Hand Held Remote
Bell Wall Mount Remote

AARC-EVAC™ Wireless Linked Emergency Alert Systems are designed to be activated by AARC-EVAC™ remotes.

AARC EVAC Remote Transmitters come in either Hand Held (ATX2 Series) or Wall Mount (ATX3 Series). Hand Held remotes can be used as a portable transmitter. However they can also be wall mounted using Velco hook and loop fastening for maximum placement flexibility or as a home when not required for remote use, ie yard duty. Wall Mount remotes are designed to be wall mounted with 111.5mm mounting centers.


  • Portable or Easy installation – Wireless Linked Digital Radio system, no wires or wiring required
  • Operating range up to 300 metres (Varies upon transmitter & receiver location)
  • Secure operation with over 4 billion unique 32Bit digital codes
  • Powered by 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries (life of greater than 1 year with average use)
  • Optional 3 sec button press required to trigger an alarm (to avoid accidental or nuisance triggering)
  • Internal Antenna
  • Red LED lamp lights continuously while button pressed to visually confirm transmission
  • Low battery warning – Slow Flashing Red LED lamp, when any button pressed (Adding “Battery Replacement” to Annual Maintenance Schedule – Recommended)
  • Designed & Manufactured in Australia


Operating Range Up to 300 metres (Varies upon Remote Transmitter & Evac Controller location)
Power Supply 2 x AAA (UM-4 1.5V) Alkaline Batteries* (life of 1 year with average use)
Unique Coded Digital Radio 32-bit (over 4 billion unique digital codes)
Case Material ABS
Low Battery Warning Yes (Red lamp flashes when button is pressed)
Size 90 x 60 x 20mm (Hand Held)
125 x 69 x 40mm with 111.5mm mounting centers (Wall Mount)
Weight (without batteries) 70g (Hand Held)
127g (Wall Mount)

*Warning: Do not use Lithium type 1.5V cells, as this type of battery may damage the unit.


The AARC EVAC system uses a range of intuitive icons for its alarm buttons, so they can be interpreted regardless of language. The Multi-button remotes and “Single” button Evacuation remote also feature a hidden Cancel button.


Evacuation icon

Lock Down

Lock Down icon

First Aid

First Aid icon


Duress icon

All Clear

All Clear icon

Bell / Other Warning

Bell / Other Warning icon


Drill icon


Cancel icon

AARC EVAC Remote Transmitter Range

Multi-button Remotes

Multi-button remotes also include a hidden cancel button.

5 Button Remote - Evacuation, Lock Down, First Aid, Duress & Hidden Cancel
ATX25-LD (Hand Held)
ATX35-LD-G (Wall Mount)

5 Button Remote - Evacuation, First Aid, Duress, All Clear & Hidden Cancel
ATX25-AC (Hand Held)
ATX35-AC-G (Wall Mount)

5 Button Remote - Evacuation, Lock Down, Duress, All Clear & Hidden Cancel
ATX25-DU (Hand Held)
ATX35-DU-G (Wall Mount)

5 Button Remote - Duress, Lock Down, First Aid, All Clear & Hidden Cancel
ATX25-AS (Hand Held)
ATX35-AS-G (Wall Mount)

3 Button Remote - Evacuation, First Aid & Hidden Cancel
ATX23-EF (Hand Held)
ATX33-EF-G (Wall Mount)

3 Button Remote - Evacuation, Lock Down & Hidden Cancel
ATX23-EL (Hand Held)
ATX33-EL-G (Wall Mount)

Single Button Remotes

The Evacuation “Single” Button remote also includes a hidden cancel button.


Evacuation Remote with hidden cancel button
ATX22-EV (Hand Held)
ATX32-EV-G (Wall Mount)

Lock Down

Lock Down Remote
ATX21-LD (Hand Held)
ATX31-LD-G (Wall Mount)

First Aid

First Aid Remote
ATX21-FA (Hand Held)
ATX31-FA-G (Wall Mount)


Duress Remote
ATX21-DU (Hand Held)
ATX31-DU-G (Wall Mount)

All Clear

All Clear Remote
ATX21-AC (Hand Held)
ATX31-AC-G (Wall Mount)


Bell Remote
ATX21-BE (Hand Held)
ATX31-BE-G (Wall Mount)


Drill Remote
ATX21-DR (Hand Held)
ATX31-DR-G (Wall Mount)


Cancel Remote
ATX21-CN (Hand Held)
ATX31-CN-G (Wall Mount)


Also available is the AARC GOLF Remote, featuring alarm buttons customised to meet the specific needs of golfing venues.

Golf Remote

Alarms Buttons

  • Bad Weather Warning
  • Take Shelter / Course Closed
  • Competition Start
  • All Clear / Resume Play
  • Cancel
ATX25-GO (Hand Held)
ATX35-GO-G (Wall Mount)


Remote Transmitters Installation & Operation Manual