AARC-EVAC External Interface Unit

External Interface Unit

The AARC-EVAC EIU (External Interface Unit) is a transmitter designed to be wired to a source external to the AARC-EVAC system. That wired connection enables the external source to trigger the EIU, which sends the alarm or alert to repeaters and receiver/message players. Any one of the alarms or messages on the AARC-EVAC system can be configured to be triggered by an EIU Unit. The EIU is handy for incorporating existing alert systems or specialised alert equipment like fire panels and door alarms with an AARC-EVAC system.


Trigger Input 2-wire normally open input, trigger requires momentary contact closure, voltage free/dry contact only
Cancel Button Cancel button provided on EIU front panel.
Cancel button can also be used to test the EIU batteries. When no alerts are in process press the cancel button on the EIU. If batteries are okay the red LED transmit light will glow steady. If the red LED light is flashing replace batteries.
Dimensions 125mm (L) x 69mm (W) x 40mm (H)
Weight 127g (without batteries)
Batteries 2 x AAA (UM-4 1.5V) Alkaline Type*
• Batteries should be replaced every 12 months to ensure they are always fresh
• Replacement of batteries should be added to your company or organisation’s standard maintenance schedule
Removing Lid Use T20 security screwdriver or bit to remove and replace screws 4mm CSK T20
Mounting Centers 110mm
Unique Coded Digital Radio Yes (over 4 billion unique digital codes)
Operating Range Up to 300m (depending on transmitter & receiver location)

*Warning: Do not use Lithium type 1.5V cells, as this type of battery may damage the unit.



External Interface Unit Specification Sheet