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AARC EVAC Controller
AARC EVAC Controller - Outdoor
AARC EVAC Controller with Flashing Beacons

The AARC-EVAC Controllers broadcast emergency alert messages that have been triggered by AARC-EVAC remotes. AARC Systems can build you a tailored emergency alert solution using one or many indoor and outdoor controllers, with multiple horn, box, or ceiling speakers as required, visual alert beacons and repeaters.

The units are designed to operate as a single unit or as part of a network of self-contained AARC-EVAC™ Wireless Linked Controllers. They incorporate an in-built UPS and are fully self-contained.

When operating the controllers as part of a network, different evacuation instructions can be broadcast in different locations. All instructional voice messages can be multi-lingual, if required.


Repeaters are used to re-transmit the message to any Controller outside of the range of the remote which originally triggered the message.


AARC-EVAC™ Controllers can be supplied with two, three or four external horn and/or box and/or ceiling speakers. These speakers are wired to the Evac Controller. When triggered the controller’s Wireless Receiver activates standard emergency alert sirens and customisable audio messages.

The AARC-EVAC Controllers can also be fitted with Visual Alert Beacons. Also available are Controller units with an internal speaker. These units feature a speaker set in the EVAC Controller box, and are only available for indoor use.

Indoor/Outdoor high efficiency horn speaker 8Ω 15W RMS rated at 106dB @ 1W @ 1M supplied with mounting bracket. Size: (W)200 x (H)136 x (D) 206mm.
Indoor wall mount box speaker 8Ω 15W RMS with mounting bracket. Size: (W)150 x (H)198 x (D) 128mm.

AARC EVAC Box, Horn, and Ceiling Speakers

Visual Alert Beacons

Visual Alert Beacons provide a visual representation of the message the controller has received, to convey the alert to hearing impaired persons or in areas where noise pollution may prevent audio notification. Emergency Alert Beacons consist of four vertical beacons ( Red, Amber, Green, and Blue ) attached to the front of the Repeater Unit.When a message is triggered one of the following beacons will flash: red for “Evacuation”, amber for “Duress” or “Alert”, green for “First Aid:, and blue for “Lockdown”.

When there are no active alerts the beacons are all neutral clear colour.


AARC-EVAC Indoor Units

AARC-EVAC Indoor Controller units are housed in an enclosure designed to be wall mounted.

2-4 horn, box, or ceiling speakers are supplied with these units. Even though the Indoor Controller is mounted indoors it can drive outdoor mounted horn speakers mixed with horn, box, or ceiling speakers mounted indoors.

Indoor Controllers are powered by a 240VAC to 15VDC plug pack power supply, this is designed to keep the in-built UPS battery charged. Indoor controllers can also be supplied with visual alert beacons and set up as wireless repeaters.

AARC EVAC Indoor units including beacons and in-built speaker

AARC-EVAC Outdoor Units

AARC Systems range of outdoor AARC EVAC Controller units are housed in a IP66 rated Polyester/Fiberglass enclosure. These sturdy units come in wall mount or pole mount versions.

2-4 horn speakers are supplied with outdoor units.

Outdoor Controllers are available in a solar powered version where power to keep the in-built UPS battery charged is supplied by a 20W solar panel. In all other outdoor units, power to keep the UPS battery charged is supplied by 110-240VAC mains supply hardwired into the unit.

Outdoor units with visual alert beacons use high intensity LED’s to ensure the beacons are suitable for use outdoors even in bright sunlight.

AARC EVAC wall mount and pole mount speakers

System Features

  • Secure operation with over 4 billion unique 32Bit digital codes
  • Customisable with 2-4 horn/box/ceiling speakers or one inbuilt box speaker
  • Visual Alert Beacons can be added to the unit
  • Indoor & Outdoor cases
  • Wall mount and pole mount (outdoor only) options
  • Solar powered options for outdoor use

System Specifications

Wireless Operating Range > 400m Open Air/Line of Sight
Through & Inside Buildings – Range is dependent on the environment,obstacles, walls, structural materials used, etc.
50-100m (Typical)
Internal UPS Battery Backup 7Ah 12V Battery
Antenna 320mm (L) with ‘N’ Type plug


Power Supply 15V DC 2A Plug Pack with 5.5mm x 2.1mm DC Plug
Dimensions 325mm (H) x 250mm (W) x 132mm (D)


Power Supply Solar Powered 12V 20W or
110-240VAC Mains supply hardwired into the unit
Dimensions 400mm (H) x 300mm (W) x 200mm (D)


Product Specification Sheets

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