Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity

Will you regret missing this opportunity?

  What do you regret more from your past; is it the things that you did or is it the things that you didn’t do? If you wait too long, then you may well miss your chance with this one. We invite you to invest in AARC Systems Holding Pty Ltd. AARC Systems, an innovative, […]

PNG Awards Dinner Celebrations

Press Release: Ballarat Based Startup Technology Company Receives International Recognition

Pictured above are Richard Wilson, CEO of AARC Systems and Wayne Trethowan, General Manager of Consolidated Security Merchants being welcomed by PNG warriors in traditional dress.  Alfredton, VICTORIA, 21st March 2019: AARC Systems, a Ballarat-based, tech startup and maker of the innovative, wireless-linked emergency alert system, AARC-EVAC, has won an international award at the 2019 […]

People lay flowers at a memorial for the mosque attack victims on Sunday in Christchurch, New Zealand.

How Can we Avert the Horrors of Christchurch!

My heart goes out the victims of the Christchurch massacre and in particular to their families and friends, I am personally saddened by this tragedy because I am feeling that we need to do more to protect all citizens from this type of extremism. How do we protect innocent people in mosques, churches, synagogues, religious […]

A lighthouse is a symbol of warning, guidance and safety.

Safety Matters

Welcome. Here, we will discuss the various issues that concern our workplace, community and school safety and security. Articles to follow include the following topics: How to improve safety in the workplace. How to improve safety in schools. How to improve safety at mosques, churches, synagogues and other places of worship? The types of duress/panic […]

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