Add Voice Instructions to your Evacuation Alarm!

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Voice notifications can substantially improve the effectiveness of any fire alarm system, when compared to a siren alone, potentially delivering better outcomes.

Could your company, institution, workplace, benefit by upgrading their existing, Emergency Alert System (“EAS”) – Evacuation Alarm, to incorporate voice instructions? If the organisation doesn’t have an EAS – Evacuation Alarm, or they are extending, building or moving to a new site, would they benefit from installing an “EAS” Evacuation system with sirens and voice instructions?

For your existing or your new site’s evacuation system, a new EAS can provide siren plus voice notifications. The voice notifications are extremely flexible and can be tailored to suit any site, large or small. On larger sites, the voice notification can be different in different areas of the site, providing different exit or different assembly point instructions. On any site, your voice notifications can be in any language or even multi-lingual, if required.

The AARC-EVAC is a wireless based emergency alert system. This emergency alert system uses a highly robust digital wireless network, designed for emergency applications. Wireless networking, means that the systems are very cost effective to install and the equipment itself is very affordable.

Another major point of difference with the AARC-EVAC alert system is that it can also provide for multiple different levels of evacuation. More than just for fire evacuation the AARC-EVAC system can trigger and broadcast other evacuation instructions, on its other wireless channels, if these are needed. i.e. evacuation sirens with voice instructions for an internal gas leak, an approaching bushfire, cyclone, tsunami, flood, etc. In addition to this, evacuation drills and all clear messages can also be provided.

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This evacuation system has been designed, developed and is being manufactured in Australia by AARC Systems Pty Ltd.

The evacuation alert system can be triggered from a single location, by a small single push-button transmitter.

Alternatively the system can be triggered from multiple locations across your site by as many individual push- button transmitters as needed. The AARC-EVAC system can also be triggered from a connection to the site’s fire panel.

What key functions and features does the AARC-EVAC, wireless Evacuation Alert System have?

  • The system is designed to be Robust, work when needed and work every time!
  • The system is designed to be effective in meeting the goal of clearly and concisely communicating emergency evacuation alert instructions.
  • The AARC-EVAC system is based on a unique proprietary multi-channel UHF wireless network, running proprietary software, designed for emergency applications.
  • The Equipment itself is affordable and very cost effective to install.
  • It only needs minimal wiring. Hard-wiring can be prohibitively expensive, particularly when retrofitting to an existing building or across an existing site.
  • The voice instructions can be in any language or multi-lingual, where needed.
  • As an emergency alert system, the AARC-EVAC is automated with pre- recorded emergency sirens and voice instructions. No person should be expected to or be relied upon to broadcast evacuation or any other emergency instructions over a PA system, during an emergency situation.
  • A unique feature of this system is that it can be set up to provide multiple levels or types of evacuation alarms on the same system. ie fire, internal gas leak, an approaching bushfire, cyclone, tsunami, flood, etc.
  • The system can have multiple remote RC push-buttons spread across the site, as part of a wireless network of linked evacuation trigger points. It can also provide an input trigger from an existing fire panel, if required.
  • As an emergency alert system, it has a UPS battery backup in each broadcast unit. This is in case of a mains power outage, failure due to damage or intentional disruption.
  • There is an option to have an SMS messaging unit on the system. If fitted, when an alert is triggered, an SMS message can be sent to fire services, company management, a security company, etc. as required.
  • This system has the design flexibility to suit any site, from the largest to the very small.
  • A unique data code for each individual system provides security and no false alarms.
  • The System is Robust – Versatile – Affordable – Cost Effective to Install – it can have Multiple Trigger Locations and it can provide Multiple Types of Evacuation Alarms.


What makes the AARC-EVAC system so versatile?

The AARC EVAC component range includes, autonomous wireless linked audio visual broadcast units with Indoor, Outdoor and Outdoor solar powered units. There is also a large range of wireless push-button trigger transmitters, indoor and outdoor speakers and more.

All of the individual components in the AARC-EVAC product range, are designed to work together. This allows tailored systems to be designed to meet your exact needs. With your system, you only pay for what you need, nothing more! Plus at any time in the future, parts of your system can easily be relocated and your system can also be added to, as needed.

With this one system, the Radio-Controlled (RC) Wireless Network can also supply you with other emergency alert solutions, if required. Your Evacuation system can be designed to include other alerts i.e. Duress OVA Assist, First Aid Assist, Lockdown, and other unique emergency alarms, as may be needed on your site. Each of these functions includes its own unique siren and voice message.

Adding additional solutions to the AARC EVAC system on your site, would only add marginally to your system cost, if at all.

One System addressing the many different types of Emergency Situations.

"Best Product on Show" PNG Security Congress 2019

The International Award winning AARC-EVAC system is proud to be Australian!

With its Conception, R&D, Commercialization and the Manufacture, all undertaken in Australia, by AARC Systems Pty Ltd, an Australian owned company.


Contact AARC Systems today, to discuss your needs or for more information:

AARC Systems Pty Ltd
Phone: 03 5334 2865


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